Anti-burglary windows

Every window in our offer can be made as anti-burglary.

They are effective not only because of anti-burglary glass, but also because of special frame and rear of the window, consolidated with metal moulding. Around the inside part of frame there are assembled  anti-prise fittings, which quantity is always chosen individually. It depends on the threat level and the size of the window.

Because of the variety of profiles our windows are made of, they don't look any different from standard windows, which may be surprising for burglar.
Our windows are made with PVC, aluminium or steel profiles.
Every windows goes through very strict tests if quality and resistance in our facility.

Okna antywłamaniowe Okna antywłamaniowe

MEGAL windows after unsuccessful burglary attempt.

Because of the wide variety of materials we use, the colour of construction and impletion may be different form each other.

Zabezpieczenie okuć w trakcie prac budowlanych i remontowych