The doors are desing with a steel doorframe, made from special molding. The doors are covered on both sides with sheet metal 1,5-2mm thick. 
All anti-burglar doors are made with steel hinges, which are welded to construction three times, also with the mechanism that prevents unhinging. 
Usually, the doors are covered with powder coating paint with and have espagnololette lock. 
The doors are made-to-order, with specifications given  us, by our clients. They can be adjusted architecturally and colour-coordinated, with the individual needs of our clients. The virtue of our doors is multifunction and wide variety of choice.

In our product range, we offer doors:
  •  with wood veneer
  • upholster door
  • lacquered
  • laminated
  • with anti-burglary glass
  • with sidelights
  • with gratings
  • fireproof
  • for special areas
  • bulletproof


Instrukcja użytkowania i konserwacji drzwi stalowych

Because of the wide variety of materials we use, the colour of construction and impletion may be different form each other

Drzwi z szybą kuloodporną